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105 Padova Sanger & amp; Fotball kanter

Calcio Padova was founded in 1910. They are currently playing in Serie B, having last been in Serie A in 1996.

821 A Love Song Always With You Spilleliste
2306 The Beginner Farmers Tier Of Padova Spilleliste
2757 You Wanna Know Why Chant against Vicenza players Spilleliste
3003 From the Heart Great Fanchant Of Padova Spilleliste
3574 Vicenza... Fanchant Against Vicenza Spilleliste
3697 We Deserve the B The Supporters Are Not Happy Spilleliste
4394 Maurizio Coppola Fanchant For The Striker Coppola Spilleliste
5090 The Tier Famous Italian Song Modified By The Ultras Spilleliste
5693 Who Does Not Jump Fanchant Against Vicenza Spilleliste
5787 Everyone to Bergamo Fanchants Against Bergamo Spilleliste
  Premier League Betting
6483 I Can Not See the Goal Farmers Tier Of Padova Spilleliste
6757 We Are Always with You Great Fanchant Of Padova Spilleliste
7180 Eleven Lions Go Padova Spilleliste
9691 Ooooooh! Padova! Spilleliste
9937 Come on Padova Come On Great Fanchant Of Padova Spilleliste
  Premier League Betting


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